We need to talk about NOK

I get it, it’s not the play. I’m not saying sell your GME. I’m not a bot or a spy or a wall street asshole. I’m a regular guy who’s got a couple of bucks in his bank account and plays videogames and wants a fucking house to live in like my parents had when they were young. If you don’t agree with me, just say so.

I’m also not a financial advisor, so make up your own minds you autistic fucks.

But, BUT, yesterday we did something they’ve never seen. Yesterday, we made them run out of NOK shares. That’s what that big spike was, and that’s why trading was stopped for 2h. If we keep doing that, it will be the biggest wall street wealth transfer from assholes to retards in history. Because they will keep dumping it until it’s too late.

Impossible, you say. Too many shares, you say. Well listen up. Yesterday, in ONE DAY, we traded, or caused others to trade, 1bn shares of Nokia. That is 1/5 of all the Nokia shares in the world. That’s never happened, EVER. Not even when Nokia was the biggest phone company in the world.

3516.16% of average trading volume.

Do you get it? They’ll keep dumping their stock, we keep buying them cheap, and then they won’t be so cheap anymore when they try to buy back in. We can move 1bn shares IN A DAY. ONE DAY. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Why do they stop trading in NYSE? Cos they ran out of shares temporarily and they don’t want “artificial” spikes in the prices. So they made us retards wait a couple of hours while some assholes called some other assholes to unload their shares into the market, and once they had enough, they started again. That’s why that spike went down right after the freeze.

But then we did it again. And they had to stop again. The price just wouldn’t go down. The assholes who’d just unloaded shares were probably back on the phone with the other assholes who’d convinced them.

Everyone is watching us. What we do, millions of normal folks do with us, and every wallstreet asshole does against us.

What did the asshole brigade do? They started shorting NOK. They will continue to do that, because they think we’re retards (they are correct).

But how come the price didn’t go down? It’s got 5bn shares, and everyone whos ever held it was dumping it. How could we ever keep up the demand when there are so many shares out there? How is this going to work?

Because the retard brigade was buying it. There’s 3m of us and counting. If we each put 600 bucks on NOK, we get 100 shares, and that’s 300m shares.

Now imagine what happens if we put 6000 on it. AND. FUCKING. HOLD. And every dip you see, you buy more. AND. FUCKING. HOLD. They’ll keep dumping, we keep buying, until they realize the price isn’t going down. Then they start buying, we keep holding, the market runs out of NOK. Price skyrockets.

And normies outside were following us. They can see that the stock is still LOW, lower than 2016. This means they don’t think it’s a bubble that’s going to crash on them.

So why do the normies follow us on this, and not on GME? (I’m not saying sell GME).

Because GME has never, ever been anywhere near where it is now. That scares a normal guy who’s just trying to put in some savings for his family. They think this is some Dutch tulip market shit.

Not so with NOK. Even with the spike from yesterday, NOK is still DOWN from 2016. Remember 2016? Remember that being a really big year for Nokia? No, me neither. And let’s not even get started on where it has been in the past. Yesterday’s spike barely shows on the graph.

You know what is going to be a big year? 2021 and 2022. Why?

What else did NOK say yesterday? Well, they revealed that they have a new kind of 1 terabit data transfer networks shit, what do I know, I’m not a techie. But it IS a new kind of technology that’s going to kick 5Gs ass. And my fellow retards of the most honorable retard brigade – Do you think we’re going to need more data this year than last year?

Remember how Netflix had to downgrade its picture quality in March because the networks couldn’t handle the amount people were streaming? What do you think is going to happen with the company that solves that?

But why would NOK be the company? Well, remember the 5G war with China?

US and Europe can’t buy 5G from China, because then China has our networks. But guess who US and Europe aren’t afraid of? Fucking FINLAND. Finland, the land of NOKIA. So tiny that some people think the whole country is a conspiracy theory and doesn’t really exist. Sorry Finnish people, nobody gives a shit about you. Good thing for you, cos you get to build the 5G network on the moon and shit because nobody is scared that Finland will take over the world.

Want proof? They are literally building one on the FUCKING MOON: Nokia selected by NASA to build first ever cellular network on the Moon | Nokia

And we’re going to send them there. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

But hang on, why is NOK so low in the first place if it’s so great?

Answer: because Microsoft fucked them. That’s right, they sent one of their own assholes to infiltrate the NOK, leak a bunch shit to drive the share price down, and then buy the phone part of the company. These assholes wrecked the company, the Finnish economy, and every middle class shareholder who was just trying to put their kids to college. Imagine everyone who’d be fucked if someone did that to Apple now.

Worked like a charm. Firesale. Business restructuring. Lost their phones. NOK never recovered.

The asshole they sent from Microsoft? Went back to work for Microsoft, and was paid a shit ton of money for what he did. His name is Stephen Elop. Look it up.

So they have tech that nobody else has and a brand that everyone recognizes. But what don’t they have? Money. That’s why they’re building this 1tb magic network thing in tiny fucking possibly fake Finland to show everyone it works.

But if we drive the share price up, do you think that’s going to change?

So FUCK IT. I’m in for every penny, and I am HOLDING. I’ll see you in my house ON the MOON next to a NOKIA Comms tower, or I’ll see you in VALHALLA you BEAUTIFUL RETARDED MOTHERFUCKERS.

TL;DR: NOK is literally going to the moon. Go there with them. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Edit: I’ve got a lot of messages, here are my answers to the most common ones:

Remember, I’m an idiot. I don’t know shit. I see cheap NOK, I like cheap NOK, I buy cheap NOK. I’m not a stockbroker or anything. All I know is it’s a healthy, undervalued company with massive upside potential, new space tech etc. There is downside risk, but the risk is smaller than the potential. So if you invest 5k, you might lose 2k but you might gain 100k if we manage to move the kind of volume we did yesterday for even a few days.

Would I bet a dollar to win 100, if yesterday everyone who bet added 50% to their money? Yeah. Might lose a quarter, but could gain 100 dollars.

Do I know it’s definitely going to happen? Of course not. What happened yesterday, 1bn NOK shares traded, HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IMPOSSIBLE.

Edit for the lols:



Here’s my take. Yes, GME is the big play. But for all the boastful bravado of diamond hands, it’s a fragile bubble you’re putting your money into. Three dips later and people could get spooked and stampede away. The fundamentals of GME aren’t great. It’s on its way out. It’s not a growth company. It’s Blockbuster Video.

All these retail investors will let go and seek a new shelter for their tendies. What do? Well, there’s a few other places. AMC, BB, NOK.

Sure NOK doesn’t look like it can rise as far and fast as GME. There are billions of shares out there. That’s a heavy object to move and lift.

But it’s got growth on its side. Your worst case scenario with NOK is that instead of repeating GME, it’ll merely double over the next year.

You know what? That’s gold to me. That’s absolutely fantastic. I wouldn’t poopoo that in any way.

So that’s why I’m on the NOK long train. Not as flashy as GME but it won’t burn you. It won’t lose all your money. It’ll maybe fail to go to Mars but I think it’ll treat you nice and make you a decent chunk of money for the future.